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The Pleasant Valley Historic School

"When the doors of the Pleasant Valley School opened in 1885, Boerne was a small rural community in the Texas Hill Country and San Antonio was two days away by horse and buggy. Since then its students made our community
 live, breathe and thrive. 
Yesturdays daily life is today's nostalgia...."

The Pleasant Valley Community Center , Inc. feels this statement in our hearts and we hope that you do also. 
The days of the one room school house will never be duplicated which makes this school a unique reflection 
of the history of the Texas Hill Country and a national treasure. This school left an imprint on this community through the success and entrepreneurship of the students that learned within. From the top of its tin roof to the 
wooden benches and rough hewn school desks that one graced the interior, The Pleasant Valley School stands 
alone as an example of strength, fortitude and pride. 

The Pleasant Valley Community Center is housed in the iconic school building and has the charge of caring for the historic building as they also maintain it as a Community Center for the Hill Country to enjoy.  Please join them in 
their quest to maintain the integrety of this historic 
one room school house for generations to come. 

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The school can be rented for special occasions and community events. 
Please send is a MESSAGE with your request.  
Pleasant Valley Community Center
P. O. Box 4043
Bergheim, Texas

The PVCC is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 
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Preserving the Architecture, History and Pride of the Pleasant Valley Community and Historic School
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