The Pleasant Valley School Celebrated 
its 136th Birthday in 2021!!
     In 1885 in a romote ranch in the Texas Hill Country a concerned family prepared to build a school to help educate their children and the children of their neighbors.  The early settlers were stong willed folks that knew the value of education for their children. They gathered together and built a school building of heart of long leaf pine, made to last, on the Nichols Ranch near Bergheim. 
    It was a humble building only 16 X 18 feet in size but it did help to educate the Nichols, Ranzau, George, Schwarz, Henkel, Zoeller, Rust and others. In 1887 it was moved, board by board to its current location at 48 Los Indios Ranch Road as it intersects Hwy 46 East of Boerne, to allow more community children to attend. 
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Presenting the Architecture, History and Pride of the Pleasant Valley Historic School
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Presenting the Architecture, History and Pride of the Pleasant Valley  Historic School