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     Just imagine yourself as a child, back in 1887, living in the Texas Hill Country. You would ride your horse or mule through the hills to get to school. Classes began early with the sound of a schoolmarm ringing the bell as you took your seat on rough wooden benches, sitting two or three to a table. You completed your reading exercises from a McGuffy reader, wrote on a slate to do your “numbers” and ate your lunch out of a tin bucket. 
​    During recess you played out under the oak trees. You enjoyed games such as hop scotch, red rover, or marbles or you spent time on a rope swing, gliding through the trees. You had no modern restroom facilities so you had to use the outhouse and your water was drawn from a nearby well using a bucket on a rope.  
    In the cold Hill Country winters, you nearly froze coming to school and when you got there, heat was provided by a warm wood burning stove. Long before class started, the teacher would clean the school and prepare the stove daily to have it ready on those cold mornings….
Those were the days of the Pleasant Valley School.
       After the R. W. Whitworth family donated the land for the school in 1887, the Pleasant Valley School stood the test of time. This “one room school” legacy is still with you today because of the dedication of the Pleasant Valley Community Center (PVCC), the nonprofit organization that owns and maintains the historic school and grounds.  

        We would like you to join in our vision to encourage the conservation and preservation of the Pleasant Valley School for years to come as a historical reminder of our early Texas educational system and as a legacy to those who worked to make the school a success beginning in 1885. 

In order to make this vision come true,
we would like to invite you to become part of our vision by joining our
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Preserving the Architecture, History and Pride of the Pleasant Valley Community and Historic School
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