The Pleasant Valley School has a wonderful history as an icon of the rural Texas education system. The School saw its beginnings as a one room school house for the rural community around Boerne, Texas circa 1885. The Pleasant Valley School’s 18 X 20 foot building was transferred from its original home on the Nichol’s property to its current spot at the intersection of Hwy 46 and Los Indios Ranch Road in 1887. 

Students in grades one through eight attended classes there as they learned the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.  At that time, Mr. R. W. Whitworth donated the acre of land where the school was located to the Pleasant Valley community for the school house which now is the location of the Pleasant Valley Community Center

The Pleasant Valley School became a focus for the small community. In 1905 it had one teacher and 34 students. The school and a few houses marked the Pleasant Valley Community on county highway maps in the 1940’s.  

Many students and teachers have fond memories of the School. Ms. Rust, the last teacher for the School (and a former student) remembers her teaching years, “Teachers were expected to teach all levels, handle discipline, and take care of the children’s needs; build fires, clean the school and they had to have training degrees and certifications.” She said, “But the main requirement is that you could read, write and know how to handle children. Many teachers were also single women and were housed by local families on surrounding ranches.” 

In the early 1950’s the Panther Creek School, formally located on Kendalia Road near Bergheim, Texas was moved to the site and added to the Pleasant Valley School building to accommodate a larger enrollment. Ms. Rust was the teacher for the last years of the school when in 1955 it was consolidated into the Boerne Independent School District in Boerne, Texas.  In 1957, the Whitworth estate, as the heirs of the original owners, rededicated the school house and property to the community to be used as a Community Center. 

In December 1963 the PVCC was created by a group of concerned citizens. The historic school building then became a central point to the community and appeared on maps of the area through the 1980’s.  The Pleasant Valley Community Center Inc. (PVCC) was incorporated in the State of Texas in 2003 and is the property owner. 

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Presenting the Architecture, History and Pride of the Pleasant Valley Historic School
The History ~ 1885 to Present
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